Morning eyes

Sweet voice of a songbird
A crow’s caw cutting through
The crunching of beans in the coffee machine
Moist and cold and warm at the same time
Under the sheets, sprawled over your chest
Never woken to a better morning ever
A sigh, a caress, a kiss
Your awareness and my sleepy yawns
Untangling limbs and the pour of fresh coffee
Parting mist, warming rays and the most stunning pair of eyes in the world
I’d die every night just to wake up right here
Just when I had ruled dusks be the best,
As I had you in my arms
Autumn leaves burning, sky’s heat cooling
And all that existed was your breath on mine
You had to wake up next to me,
Remind me I had never seen a dawn when
My heart and soul was content with nothing
Nothing but your morning eyes.

Image Source: Pinterest

© 2020 Janani Arvind. All rights reserved.

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