Love isn’t easy. It isn’t supposed to be easy. There’s so much work put into to make love stable, that sometimes you get tired or it becomes too heavy for you to carry it alone. That’s when you expect that hand to pull you along, infusing strength that you lack for the time being.

Holding someone’s hand throughout the journey is not going to be possible because their arms hurt and they need to breathe too. Just like you and me. They need that space to grow and to set their own pace.

The thing is, no two people can be dependent and be independent of each other at the same time. Sometimes things clash, feelings differ, communications falter and what you are saying can go unheard amidst the noises that are whirring inside their head.

That’s when you are going to depend on your inner strength, your faith and perseverance. That’s when you’ll need to stand on those two tired, quivering legs and raise your voice loud enough to be heard without being hurtful, and let them know you’ll carry on through, for the both of you.

Independence in a relationship, to me, is depending on the right person at the right time, be it you or your love.

Keep loving and Keep moving forward!