Guilty Pleasure

She was given naught but a taste so sweet
Of needs met and cravings filled
Bitter it changed, which she learned to love
An unlikely flavour for the love yearned.

She dreamt of flowers and hearts
Sugary treats and joyful laughs
Long walks, holding hands
Dinner from cardboard boxes
Action movies and buttery popcorn
Making out to Ed Sheeran on that worn-out, old couch
Watching twilight turn dark
A brush of lips gentler than the breeze
Lingering hugs and reluctance to part
Wishes upon stars for the night to last.

Blind was she to all reasons
Walked away from every single time
Easily made to remain a dirty, secret time
So much for all the fantasies.

She chose to believe what was not meant
Trusted the promises that were never made
Lived for words that were never said
Eyes full of dreams and hope
Heart filled with love, which she
Served right up to him for slaughter
Didn’t blink twice when he crushed it
Never said no when asked again
She was happy with the crumbs
Never could you call her a greedy lover.

He is,
A craving she couldn’t reign in
A need too desperate to avoid
She is,
Well, you could say
Perpetually intemperate in matters of love.

Image source: Google

© 2019 Janani Arvind. All rights reserved.

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