Fairies and Pixie dusts in Modern day

I’m twenty-five years old and I believe in fairy tales.

I am of course talking about the ones in which the valiant Prince comes to save the tormented Princess and they live happily ever after. Maybe I should clarify myself before I continue. I am a woman with a career, who has had a heart break after a 5 year relationship and got over it. I didn’t have to sacrifice or fail in my career to mourn someone’s promises to always care for me.

So, this now resolved, I should say again I do believe in magic, miracles and fairy tales. These days, I read a lot about how little girls are fed false realities by fairy tales where she has to wait for her Prince to come save her. Well, if you put it that way, it does sound like the Princess was incapable of anything. Yup, totally boring and not at all cool.

But the way I see it, I like the Princess

who has the strength to be kind to her bullies,

who is beautiful enough to see the heart in the beast,

who can befriend and fall in love with a street urchin,

who is courageous enough to leave the only home she has known all her life, to explore the world,

who is not imperious of her vanity,

who goes after love risking her natural habitat, fights the villainess along her hero and claims the throne for her father.

The kind of fairy tales I like are,

the ones where the tender Princess can be quick witted and strong enough to kick ass when it’s a requisite,

the ones where the Princess deserves to be one and treated like one, only because she acted like one.

I won’t deny her, her Prince. A Prince who is more her safe haven than her saviour.

So, I don’t mind when the Prince saves her at times. Don’t we all accept help when we need some? Maybe it’s not the tales that we should be concerned of. Maybe it’s the way we render the story that’s more important.

Photograph: Google

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  1. I will never grow out of a fairytale, my life can be both reality and a fairytale because you’re right, it’s how the story is interpreted💗

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    1. Valenz says:

      Thank you! 💛

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