The Course of your Story

All stories begin the same way- with the birth of a character. What differences do they have? Is it the way they end? Or is it the way they progress?

All stories have atleast a few of the type-cast characters. What difference do they make to the story? Is it their presence or absence in that story? Or is it the way they react in the scenes?

All stories constitute a good part and a bad part. How do they influence the characters? Does the good part of the story raise them up? Do the bad times pull them down? Or vice versa?

Whenever I think about a story that I read, heard or see people live through, these were the questions that usually gave me perspectives; whether I liked a particular character or whether the story itself had made an impression on me.

After I went through a lot of stories that I read in books and watched as movies, something became blatantly obvious to me. Every story is made and flows through as a result of one thing only. One character’s response at a time. It is not the type of character or a situation that makes the story. It is always the response of one character that pushes the story in the way it goes.

One can always argue a character’s response is influenced at times, maybe by another character or by the situation they are in. In the story of our life, do we have that luxury? To spit out angry words or to spin a tale of lie will not be excused. Well, atleast not all the time. You will be expected to act better, respond instead of react.

I never understood the difference between these two words- response and reaction. When I checked the dictionary, it said that both words were synonyms. Duh. Well, can’t let it go like that, can we? So the word ‘response’ is actually used to mean the answer we give while ‘reaction’ is very particularly defined as something done, felt, or thought in response to a situation or event.

Now you get the distinction. You react immediately to something that provokes your emotions, be it happiness or anger or anything else. You only respond when you don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Everything boils down to this in the end. Our emotions. A character gets type-cast by the way they react normally. A character’s opinion of another changes with one reaction. The way a character reacts or responds turns a story in any alternate path.

Our lives alternate course the same way. The more, whether you respond or react has an impact on everything around you. A constant but small irritation can break a person in ways you cannot imagine, while one small smile, forced or natural, can change a day in multiple stories concurrently.

One day, a better one or a bad one, is all that is needed to change the course of a story; or a life or two.

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  1. Jackie G. says:

    I’ve actually thought a lot about this recently. Like, how my high or low my mood is seems to be contingent on someone’s response (and how do I change that?). But also, how I let myself miss out on opportunities because of a response I received from a friend or family member. I’m sure positive things have happened as a result of a response, but it’s so much easier to remember the negative…

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    1. The Wandering Mind says:

      Yeah. It is true. How much ever we try, there will always be decisions that will lead to negative results. We can only hope for betterment rather than dwell upon the results. We only have control over our own responses which ultimately is the only thing that affects our lives.

      🥂 To better lives, my friend! 🙂

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