Solitude, they say, is freeing. They say it’s empowering. Solitude has been glorified over time, as strength, as an accomplishment, as a quality. Solitude, in truth, is just a safety net. An empty place devoid of all our demons, very different demons for each of us. For some, it’s as small as unwanted attention while … Continue reading Solitude

An onerous existence

I thought I was only a child chasing rainbows When you came into my life I paused on my run and realized I was all grown up and then some. With you came safety, a set of rose tinted glasses My world burst with more colours than just the green grasses and random roses. I … Continue reading An onerous existence

Haven (2)

A dark and endless chasm To let all those insecure, apologetic thoughts Shady cravings, shameful hungers Nerve wrecking fears and self hatred Come out and take shape To concede and comply with their existence A part of the mind, so twisted, yet Aching to be heard, hugged, held onto Pining for a little life to … Continue reading Haven (2)


Love isn't easy. It isn't supposed to be easy. There's so much work put into to make love stable, that sometimes you get tired or it becomes too heavy for you to carry it alone. That's when you expect that hand to pull you along, infusing strength that you lack for the time being. Holding … Continue reading Dependence


Not knowing what to do because you cannot decide between what you want and what you should want. Not understanding that mixture of swirling dark clouds in the wide, blue sky. Or those sunflowers blossoming in the rain either. Nothing makes sense even though everything is clearly perceived.

Fairies and Pixie dusts in Modern day

I'm twenty-five years old and I believe in fairy tales. I am of course talking about the ones in which the valiant Prince comes to save the tormented Princess and they live happily ever after. Maybe I should clarify myself before I continue. I am a woman with a career, who has had a heart … Continue reading Fairies and Pixie dusts in Modern day

Awaiting her monsoon…

She sat by the window, with a glass of whiskey in hand and a mind blank, watching the rain pour, through the window of her study. The violent downpour, with just enough thunder to lightly rattle the window-sills, kept her from drowning herself in books. As she watched the rain drops dribble along the window … Continue reading Awaiting her monsoon…