Deadly Games

I know who’s hiding where You under the bed, him behind the door, Her in the attic I reach and you vanish Into thin air everywhere I crawl up the steps She glides through boards of the loft I let my fingers creep along the door And he disappears among shadows in the corners Little…

What does it take to be that girl? By Sniffa

Recently this question keeps popping up multiple times a day and I still don’t have an answer. What does it really take to be that girl men fall in … What does it take to be that girl? – By Sniffa

The nature of Freedom by Jude Itakali

Disclaimer: The thoughts below are not meant to offend and are open to criticism and debate. Sometimes I ponder freedom as a concept. I watch both … The nature of Freedom #RXC Reposted from Jude Itakali’s Tales Told Different

Self and Love by Bharath Upendra

The words we’ve said, the things we did The people we’ve met, the places where we hid We lose them all on our way towards the end  We’re busy telling… Self and Love by Bharath Upendra

That bad day in the future By Cris

It was a moment after she said she loved him that she realised she said it. She spoke again before he could. “I honestly, honestly, do not need you … That bad day in the future Reposted from Story of a lost journalist

MasticadoresIndia: Rainbows in the Night by Janani Arvind

how could we ever hold hands with our fists closed so tight we are still walking alone vary of the rolling stones could we ever go forward forgetting… Rainbows in the Night by Janani Arvind Another one on MasticadoresIndia! Thank you Terveen! ❤️

MasticadoresIndia: Morning Eyes by Janani Arvind

Sweet voice of a songbirda crow’s caw cutting throughthe crunching of beans in the coffee machinemoist and cold and warm at the same timeunder the … Read the full post here on MasticadoresIndia I’m super excited to let you guys know that my poem Morning eyes has been published on the MasticadoresIndia platform! Thanks a…


Sometimes we don’t know what’s inside a person. People are like onions; you peel a layer you’ll find one more.